It is two months since the European Court of Justice’s ruling that Google is a data processor under EU law, and the practical ramifications have begun to emerge. Last week search results relating to six articles in the Guardian were deleted and then restored from European Google domains…. vía Does the ‘right of erasure’ pose […]

Further to James Ball’s piece yesterday, “Guardian articles hidden by Google”, other publishers are reporting more examples of “notice of removal” messages from the search engine. They include Mail Online and the BBC’s economics editor, Robert Peston … vía European ‘right to be forgotten’ judges are digital counter-revolutionaries | Media | theguardian.com.

Publishers must fight back against this indirect challenge to press freedom, which allows articles to be ‘disappeared’. Editorial decisions belong with them, not Google   ….   EU’s right to be forgotten: Guardian articles have been hidden by Google | James Ball | Comment is free | theguardian.com.

Nota: Si bien las conclusiones del Consejo Europeo no son vinculantes para el resto de los órganos de la Unión, si marcan una ruta a seguir. En este caso, frente a la oposición del Reino Unido se nombra presidente del mismo al ex primer ministro de Luxemburgo. Además se ha tratado de forma trasversal otros […]