European Law

The notion of private law, as opposed to public law, has a long tradition and is of great importance in most EU Member States. National private law is seen as the constitution of civil society and enjoys a high degree of democratic legitimacy with regard to social justice. However, that distinction is not so important […]

  Bitcoin abre la puerta a las ciberbodas. Es lo que circula por las redes sociales desde que el pasado domingo una pareja norteamericana decidiese casarse a través de un cajero automático de bitcoins. Sin Cura, sin Alcalde, sin Juez… Sin notario!! La sola voluntad emitida apoyándose en una transacción económica de bitcoins la han considerado bastante para vincularse como marido y […]

The author, Johan Callewaert  is Deputy Grand Chamber Registrar at the European Court of Human Rights and professor at the Universities of Speyer and Louvain. This contribution, written in a strictly personal capacity, is taken from a conference which the author recently gave at the European Law Academy of Trier.   On 2 October 2013, the Committee […]

El Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea (TJUE) en su sentencia el 03.09.2014, dictada en Sala General, ha establecido que cuando una parodia transmite un mensaje discriminatorio, el titular de los derechos sobre la obra parodiada puede exigir que no se asocie a dicho mensaje. La sentencia responde a un litigio planteado en Bélgica entre el partido […]

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has decided on the appeals in two seminal cases: MasterCard MIF (MasterCard) and Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (CB). Both cases result from Commission decisions that found Article 101  to have been infringed by TFEU the decisions taken within those schemes with regard to fees that form part of the working of […]

So what will the European Parliament do with the proposed Juncker Commission? There are two subjects that continue to occupy me politically: women and justice. It is through this lens that I have viewed the nomination and initial portfolio distribution of the new European Commission. All the individual Commissioners now face hearings in the Parliament. […]

It is two months since the European Court of Justice’s ruling that Google is a data processor under EU law, and the practical ramifications have begun to emerge. Last week search results relating to six articles in the Guardian were deleted and then restored from European Google domains…. vía Does the ‘right of erasure’ pose […]