Outcome of the NATO Summit 2014 (At A Glance)

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NATO leaders meeting in Newport, Wales (4-5 September 2014) addressed essential questions dealing with the current European security situation, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and declining defence budgets.

The 2014 NATO Summit occurred in a challenging security context, marked by the crisis in Ukraine (largely seen as a Russian crisis), growing instability in the southern neighbourhood and rising transnational threats, such as the so-called Islamic State. While Allied leaders were expected to concentrate on NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of 2014, Russia’s annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine changed the focus of the summit. With European security put into question and growing concerns in central and eastern Europe over the weakening of the security guarantee of the Washington Treaty’sArticle 5 (collective defence), NATO leaders examined the response to Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine crisis and re-engaged in the fundamental debate over NATO’s strategic approach to Russia, its deterrence and defence posture as well as its core purpose (out-of-area operations or territorial collective defence?).

Main decisions

Besides the Summit Declaration, the Allies adopted several documents, namely a Joint Statement of the NATO-Ukraine Commission; a Declaration on Afghanistan and a Declaration on the Transatlantic bond. Collective defence was reaffirmed as NATO’s core mission…. more.

The next NATO Summit will take place in Warsaw, Poland in 2016.

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