A Letter To Coffee

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What can I do without you…

…” It is September, and I will tell you all stitches in the holes of our relationship are mended. This morning I enjoyed you in pumpkin form to celebrate autumn’s (relatively nonexistent) arrival. I have a shrine in the kitchen devoted to you. It is metal and twirls like a dancer, each lid visible and proudly displaying your every variety: Pike’s Place, coconut, and even your cool alter-ego, Iced. Your brother Espresso, of whom you think so highly, sits next to you, too. I do hope the pair of you get along – for I know he is stronger, but you have age and wisdom that he does not entirely possess. Never feel like competitors. You are both lovely just the way you are.

It hurts you, I bet, to hear all of the conflicting rumors on the news about the health implications linked to you, and that some think of you as less than lovely. Hypertension. Meddling in the affairs of fickle hormones (I apologize for bringing up a sore subject). But these are the same health professionals who eat McDonalds’ and Lean Cuisine frozen dishes on their breaks. The same ones who sleep three hours per day. The same ones who gulp four or five cups of you or Espresso in their shifts. I smell hypocrisy, a pungent scent more odorous than aged Espresso…”

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