2 Days in Siena #Italy

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How many amazing places, landscapes, colours, food, feed, beauty can you find in Siena?
Do you love Italy?

Enjoy yourselves.

“Though it was probably no picnic for the residents that endured it, Siena’s centuries-long economic downturn during Medici rule can now be appreciated as a retroactive blessing. The lack of medieval funds to undertake demolition or new construction (along with the French taking Siena with virtually no opposition or damage in WWII) has left the city in a fantastically well-preserved Gothic state.

The result, Siena’s twisting historic centre, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is among Italy’s finest strolling grounds. Magnificent buildings like the Palazzo Comunale and the wondrously ornamental cathedral demand top billing. Yet with nearly all of Siena’s preserved/restored centre being postcard-worthy, one could easily spend 48 hours here without spending a single euro on admission fees and still come away fulfilled and enthralled.

The following is a prospective itinerary for those wanting to explore behind the city’s mesmerising facades, with breaks in some of the city’s profusion of fine restaurants.

Day one
Siena was the first European city to limit motor traffic in its historic centre back in 1966, making the city especially pleasant to explore on foot. For a sensory overload spike, head for Piazza del Duomo to absorb the Siena Cathedral, one of Italy’s finest Gothic structures. Construction was largely completed between 1196 and 1215, though work continued well into the 13th Century. Gaze at the white, green and red marble exterior façade, before entering to enjoy the cathedral’s primary feature, the inlaid-marble floor, decorated with 56 detailed panels executed between the 14th to 16th Centuries…”



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